Privacy Policy

General Notes

In May 2018, Regulation (EC) 2016/679 (reflected in the Bulgarian Law for Protection of Private Data, LPPD) entered into force in relation to the storage of personal data, including those relating to the use of the Internet and websites on the Internet. The regulation is known in English with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) abbreviation. The main purpose of the regulation was to protect Internet users from illegal and/or unethical data mining practices by users and visitors to large sites and social networks. At the same time, according to the regulation and the corresponding domestic legislation and smaller organizations, companies, as well as state bodies, have the obligation to treat responsibly and with the necessary transparency in collecting personal data of customers or users of the relevant services or activities.

How We Collect and Store Data

We are a nonprofit organization that does not collect personal data in our activity except the minimum set of such information needed first to provide information to visitors to our site or, secondly, to the participants in events we organize.

In the first case, we only collect an email address and a name to send our newsletter, which anyone can unsubscribe from when deciding. Data collected in this way will not be provided to third parties in any case, except when we are obliged to provide a court decision. It is possible for our site to collect information that is typical of the operation and functionality of such Internet sites, including cookies, which is generally anonymous but may identify your browser, operating system, IP address, and more. technical features of the device you communicate with our site. By properly setting up your browser, you can always turn off both our cookies and third-party cookies. In this case, you may lose some of the functionality of some of the services on our site.

In the latter case, we may also add a contact phone number and a mailing address that is needed to send a shipment, usually a book or books from our publishing program, in addition to collecting names and emails.

In some other cases, we collect additional information about a person's position and organization. Usually, this is required when preparing public documents on matters of major public importance and only a part of the data quoted being personal data (often one's belonging to an organization and occupation is recorded in the public registers and are essentially public data) and are not broader than the data reported in the first case, above.

All data collected by us is voluntarily given or, in the case of emails, in some cases, the email address was collected as part of a correspondence in which we have also participated. For data automatically collected by systems supporting this website, such as the use of so-called "cookies", you should consent by simply using the site.

If you do not agree with the functional automated collection of anonymous data (browser, IP address, etc.), please do not use the Freedom for All website published at and also at and

Storage, Removal, and Protection of Visitors' Data

At the request of anyone who has provided us with personal data, we will remove them from our list.

Data is stored responsibly, protected by passwords and in premises that are not publicly accessible and are not used for any other purpose and are not shared with third parties, organizations or government authorities. (Only when requesting data, based on a judgment or other legal act originating from a legitimate body of the judicial system, we would be obliged to provide access).

If you have questions about the above, and about privacy, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..